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Fake Obesity Experts

They can't make their own advice work

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Many top obesity "experts" claim they know how to solve the obesity problem. Except they just can't seem to do it for themselves. There's one group of experts who are the exception -- whole food, plant-based diet experts. Their diets work. You wouldn't take financial advice from a pauper! Same rule applies when trying to get slim and healthy.

If you are looking to lose weight, get healthy and avoid many chronic diseases, here are the experts shown in the video above who can help get you off yo-yo diets and onto a healthy diet for life:

The overweight "obesity experts" in this video are certainly intelligent and probably very nice people. They often appear on TV, in printed media, and on popular YouTube videos making pronouncement about why so many are fat and what to do about it. But if they actually knew, why are they still overweight themselves and popping pills?

The "obesity experts" in this video are:

Professor John Funder, Chairman of Obesity Australia

US Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD

Kelly Brownell PhD -- activist who fights food industry control of govt agencies

George Halvorson, CEO Kaiser Permanente, largest health care provider in US

Robert Lustig MD, Prof at UC San Francisco

Andrew Weil MD

Patricia Crawford MPH, RD

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