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Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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The science of healthy eating


A diet to keep you healthy (1:03:31)

A Must for all Vegans (8:42)

A true healer (5:11)

An Oil Change For Life (10:51)

Athletes and diet (5:13)

BPA (10:00)

Breakthrough in cancer prevention (5:00)

Calorie Density (8:32)

Childhood diet predicts adult cancer (7:19)

Cleaning fruits and vegetables (1:01)

Coffee pros and cons (6:45)

Food Rules (6:51)

For Vegetarian, Vegan Health, Try Plan B12 (9:32)

Going nuts (9:49)

Good Fats, Fiber Key to Long Life (9:47)

Got Supplements? (8:37)

Healthy living with hydrogen peroxide (07:59)

Healthy vending machines? (2:23)

How a nerve poison became "food" (1:29:55)

How much protein do we need? (3:46)

How the body is tricked into eating junk (40:12)

How to read food labels (9:24)

How toxic is sugar? (13:40)

If animal food is bad for you, why do some people "need" it?

Inflammation and food (1:48)

Is the the USDA Food Committee following science? (34:24)

Live longer and better (12:29)

Longevity, food, and women's health (2:00)

Make yourself heart attack proof (60:00)

Meals for Health (6:54)

Nutrient Density: The Key to Good Health (5:43)

Olive Oil Is Not Healthy (11:03)

"Paleo" diets (22:19)

Plant Strong: How to do it - and why (17:59)

Plant-strong & healthy living (17:59)

Prostate-healthy diet (2:57)

Real food, real simple (20:00)

Resolving the Health Care Crisis (18:38)

Seasonal eating (2:06)

Sustainability and Food Choice (1:24:59)

The 70,000 mile traffic jam (3:07)

The Alzheimer’s epidemic (9:58)

The best diet (9:01)

The body wants to heal (16:50)

The China Study (3:14)

The effect of animal fats (60:00)

The Engine 2 Diet (4:42)

The foods that supported civilization (5:16)

The Hazards of Bleached Flour (7:08)

The Kucinich Surprise (5:47)

The leading cause of death & disability (55:50)

The Mediterranean diet (10:00)

The Mediterranean Diet Study (5:35)

The pleasure trap (17:10)

The shocking truth about dairy (1:17)

The truth about Teflon (9:50)

The worst diet ever (2:52)

Three steps to incredible health - Part 1 (15:00)

Three steps to incredible health - Part 2 (14:54)

Three steps to incredible health - Part 3 (14:48)

Three steps to incredible health - Part 4 (9:16)

To Snack or Not to Snack? (1:12)

Value of high fat foods (10:00)

Vegetarianism, Veganism May Not Extend Lifespan (10:04)

"We have the answers... but they're being censored" (45:22)

What about gluten? (3:01)

What every struggling vegan must know (17:54)

What the heck is gluten and why it is a problem? (5:07)

What vegans and vegetarians must do to be healthy (1:16:34)

What's the deal (3:12)

Why are Americans getting sick? (1:08)

Writing "Whole": Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (41:09)

You Need B-12 (7:37)

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