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Writing "Whole": Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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China Study co-author T. Colin Campbell

In 2004, T. Colin Campbell rocked the worlds of nutrition and science with his outspoken and powerful book, The China Study.

Nine years later, Dr. Campbell is back, and feistier than ever, taking on the medical, research, government, media, non-profit, food, and supplement industries. Nutrition, he asserts, is the "master key" that controls our health.

Everything else - genetics, surgeries, drugs, environmental toxins - are secondary. And yet the "healthcare" system (it's really a disease-care system) almost totally ignores, maligns, and marginalizes nutrition when it comes to helping people live long and robust lives.

Find out what motivated Dr Campbell to come out swinging again, and discover what he's learned in the 9 years since the publication of The China Study.