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Sugar and sweeteners


Aspartame (10:24)

Aspartame (10:56)

Aspartame (1:59)

Aspartame linked to cancer (0:59)

Aspartame-Induced Fibromyalgia (2:21)

Behavior and Nutrition (2:49)

Can diet soda make you fat? (4:12)

Clearing up confusion over non-sugar sweeteners (00:03:48)

Effect of nutrition on brain function (48:00)

How a nerve poison became "food" (1:29:55)

How the body is tricked into eating junk (40:12)

How toxic is sugar? (13:40)

Mercury in Processed Foods (6:24)

MS and Parkinson's symptoms from MSG and aspartame (4:48)

Soda: as bad for you as smoking (1:15)

Sodas linked to stroke (4:25)

Splenda (14:39)

Sweet Remedy (2:17:37)

Sweet Remedy Trailer (3:05)

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial (2:03)

The Vitamin Water Deception (5:48)

Think yogurt is healthy? (7:48)

Xylitol (2:03)

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