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How to choose these delicious fruits

Tomatillos are a staple in Latin American cooking. They're known by many names, including husk berry, jamberry, husk cherry, Mexican tomato and, in my part of the world, miltomate.

I was always interested in cooking with tomatillos, but never knew how to choose them or how to prepare them. I got a crash course when I moved to Latin America.

Not only do tomatillos add a wonderful flavor to sauces, they're a great source of vitamin C. They're high in fiber, low in calories, and a source of vitamin K, lycopene, potassium, flavonoids and folate.

The author of this video makes a couple of errors. Tomatillos are related to tomatoes: they're both members of the nightshade family. They're more closely related to the cape gooseberry, which is not the same as the gooseberry that is related to currants.