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Shopping with Jeff Novick


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Shopping for fast, healthy meals

Dietician Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD DVD program provides those who live busy lives with quick, easy, and tasty ways to stick with the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss plan.

In this segment, Jeff shows how to choose items in the supermarket that help you create quick meals.

You'll never be without something yummy in your fridge. Make sure to keep basic ingredients in stock: canned no-salt-added beans and tomatoes, plenty of frozen veggies and fruit, and lots of potatoes and brown rice. To those ingredients add fresh veggies and fruit when they are in season.

I have to say that I part ways with Jeff in his use of canned foods, in part due to the risk of BPA exposure. Cook a big batch of beans and freeze them for later use! They taste better and are more economical.