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The Real Food Channel

Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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Urban Farm generates 6,000 lbs of food (8:39)

100 year old vegan heart surgeon (01:34)

71 years old? (4:17)

A bodybuilding experiment (5:15)

A conference Big Pharma hates (34:01)

"A Manifesto for Social Progress: Ideas for a Better Society" (02:36)

A true healer (5:11)

Alternative health under attack (09:34)

An interview with 98 year old Dr. Wareham (13:05)

Backyard farmers (6:24)

Beyond disability (02:14)

Bid Diabetes Adieu! (2:27)

Books for 2017 (14:25)

Can autism be cured? (1:08:10)

College: The good and the bad (08:50)

Dave the raw food trucker (17:15)

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Trailer (5:24)

Fighting for our kids (14:38)

Find your athletic edge (18:00)

Folks, this ain't normal (4:36)

Food for Life in Oklahoma (4:37)

Future organic farmer tells it like it is (5:22)

Getting dad off the death diet (10:00)

Healing in a most unexpected place (28:39)

Healthy Food in Hospitals (3:40)

Honoring our roots (01:07:21)

How diet change saved President Clinton's life (3:08)

How food is making us sick (18:27)

"I can be a normal kid..." (0:24)

Is organic food a fad? (1:16)

John Robbins: why he changed his diet (2:10)

Kansas City's Urban Farming Guys (05:43)

Kids cheering for vegetables (4:50)

Local farming (4:22)

Making masks (17:21)

Meals for Health (6:54)

Plant-strong & healthy living (17:59)

Promo: In Defense of Our Seeds (6:27)

Salad bowls (4:06)

School Lunch (2:48)

Simple living - illustrated (24:26)

So you want to go off the grid? (02:56)

Store Wars (5:49)

"Sweet potatoes" (4:21)

Taking charge of your own health through diet (17:47)

The best home building material? (09:18)

The Kucinich Surprise (5:47)

The most polluted generation (13:50)

The natural rules of nutrition (14:14)

The power of live foods (2:00)

The ultimate freedom - food security (4:22)

This video goes over the most popular firefighter calls (08:19)

Toxic load and other predisposition to disease (39:12)

Turning Backyards Into Gardens (05:33)

Urban Farms (2:54)

What happens when schools care (9:00)

What happens when the countryside is destroyed (11:16)

Will the Real Food Channel survive? (14:16)

Yard gardens under attack (1:21)

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