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Egg yolk nearly as bad as smoking?

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Study claims accelerated heart disease
for those already at risk

In August 2012, a Canadian research team release the findings of a controversial study stating that eating egg yolks increases the risk of heart disease in those already at high risk nearly as much as smoking.

Critics say that the study was poorly designed and didn't account for other foods the patients were eating.

From the Huffington Post:

Is a diet rich in whole eggs nearly as artery clogging as smoking? That's the premise of a new study, published Aug. 14 in the journal, Atherosclerosis.

Dr. J. David Spence, a professor of neurology at Western University in Canada found a relationship between egg yolk consumption and the development of atherosclerosis, a condition that contributes to heart attack and stroke risk in which plaque accumulates along the walls of the arteries. The connection was similar to one between smoking and arterial plaque that was calculated in the same study, he and a team of researchers found.

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