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Health and Medical


100 year old vegan heart surgeon (01:34)

3 things you MUST know about the coronavirus (09:01)

A possible antidote to glyphosate ( 32:19)

A secret portal to health (58:35)

A silent epidemic (08:11)

A slow motion plague (49:53)

A theory about chronic disease (12:23)

A visit with Dr. Darren Schmidt (56:02)

Air pollution and the mental health of children (09:20)

ALERT - Biggest censorship campaign ever (8:24)

All about toxicity and detoxification (37:46)

An MD tells the truth about vaccines (11:27)

Anatomy of a smear (23:24)

Another visit with an honest doctor (02:30)

Back to school vaccinations for the vulnerable (02:10)

Basic facts about the corona virus (05:36)

Big Pharma, the CDC and the vaccination disaster (03:32)

Breaking down the "Measles Epidemic" scam (36:15)

Burning books at Amazon (8:24)

Can autism be cured? (1:08:10)

Chemotherapy - It's good for whom? (39:50)

Chemtrails = Coal ash+aluminium (13:16)

China: Food giant? (08:51)

Confronting the silent epidemic (50:56)

Controversy in health (08:02)

Coronavirus explained in 10 minutes (13:00)

Corruption in science (31:36)

Could being vegan parents send you to jail? (03:26)

"CoVid-19 is a once is a century evidence fiasco" (01:02:46)

COVID-19 is man-made (06:49)

"Curing people doesn't pay" (18:38)

Dangerous Detergents (31:13)

Deliberate official ignorance about the virus (40:07)

DeNiro speaks out about vaccines (06:31)

Does it matter what we eat? YES! (02:53)

Don't heat (smoke) cannabis (14:59)

Don't panic and don't believe the news media (12:21)

Drink lots of water? (04:54)

Environmental medicine explained (23:33)

Epic medical negligence by US medical system (46:49)

Finally, a US medical conference on EMF exposure (20:41)

Fishy business (08:55)

Forced vaccinations all over again (10:59)

Forced vaccinations for all (18:40)

Fraud and heart surgery (32:37)

Freud the Fraud (55:21)

G5 and coronavirus (57:00)

Glyphostate found in vaccines (49:37)

Good news - strangely censored (20:59)

Government attacks family with autistic children (14:58)

Grow Medicinal (03:54)

Healing the Hive (41:18)

Heart disease myths, statins, Alzheimers, cholesterol (31:06)

Historic Meeting on health and the environment (1:18:35)

Honest doctors telling the truth (19:01)

Honest Medicine (13:06)

How did this happen? (41:30)

How electromagnetic pollution creates illness (46:45)

How flus work and how to prevent them (14:03)

How the FDA makes Big Pharma rich (16:32)

How to protect your house from 5G (29:52)

How US left the door open to coronavirus (04:13)

HPV Vaccine - A Dangerous Fraud (13:21)

If you're diagnosed with cancer... (39:10)

Intensive care, intensive spread (03:47)

Introducing Ganoderma

Is Alcoholism severe form of food allergy? (50:26)

Is the body a machine? (12:32)

Is there an ideal diet? (06:29)

Is your house making you sick? (27:31)

LA County bans Roundup (12:39)

Learn about plant based diets from the POV of Neal Bernard, MD (15:36)

Learn about the different bacteria in your colon (05:48)

Let's get real about colds and flu (1:02:22)

Lion's Mane (hericium erinaceus) (01:06)

Listen to Dr. Campbell discuss the health care crisis (18:37)

Measles - before the insanity ( 8:11)

Medical groups get kickbacks for pushing vaccines (15:07)

Medical Martial Law (21:10)

Medicine, censorship and solutions (02:55)

Mercury and autism (21:14)

Monsanto's Roundup is on everything (01:20:47)

More about the measles panic (15:14)

More unreported clues to CoVid-19 transmission (6:35)

Most doctors are totally useless (45:48)

Nazi-like experiments on children in US (26:37)

NBC didn't like the way this mother healed her child (12:16)

NEW - Introducing functional medicine (33:42)

Pandemic News (25:14)

Protein, ammonia, insomnia, and other interesting things (23:01)

Questioning Chemotherapy (22:29)

Racketeering in Medicine (15:43)

Real pandemic, media manufactured hysteria (01:01:39)

Recent meta-analysis results (05:07)

Rolling a health rock up a hill (05:29)

Safe, simple, healthy fasting (05:21)

Salmon is not a healthy food (54:27)

"Scientists Resume Efforts To Create Deadly Flu Virus, With US Government's Blessing" (7:52)

Shutting down 60% of the economy (44:27)

Soap - Why and how to (3:44)

Special Report - We are making a very bad situation worse (39:12)

Speculation on the origins of the Coronavirus (01:53)

States ordered nursing homes to take CoVid-19 patients (22:58)

Stop eating soy bean oil now (00:00)

Straight talk about CBD (12:23)

Suppression of cures (15:56)

Systemic medical malpractice (53:05)

Talcum powder - a major health risk (12:47)

Techno-Fascism (26:53)

The anti-depressants scam (04:55)

The Coronovirus (12:44)

The corruption of medicine described (12:50)

The Cure to Obesity is Prevention, not Surgery (08:00)

The dark truth about psych drugs (09:17)

The effects of eating a high meat diet (13:25)

The Febreze scam (07:47)

The healing power of simple fasting (16:44)

The healing power of sleep (14:05)

The healing power of Sound (01:10:22)

The hidden source of illness (34:32)

The Kempner Diet (04:46)

The much-neglected source of human life (36:47)

The natural rules of nutrition (14:14)

The Nazification of Medicine (10:56)

The neurological damage epidemic (36:24)

The power of the gut (20:30)

The reality of medicine in China (42:53)

The right way to use gloves, masks and goggles (24:46)

The roots of the Fentanyl disaster (01:56:02)

The science, the hysteria and the End Game (01:05:48)

The second brain (14:10)

The sickest generation of children in American history (20:30)

The so-called "standard of care" (04:37)

The source of the Lyme epidemic (17:55)

The story behind cosmetics (02:29)

The truth about mandatory vaccines (23:00)

The truth about the "Eskimo Diet" (13:44)

The truth about the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918 (34:30)

Time for insulation (02:28)

Too much sugar? (08:21)

Toxic building materials (01:07:50)

Toxic cleaning products (05:44)

Toxic load and other predisposition to disease (39:12)

Toxins right under your nose (14:21)

Truly magic mushrooms (31:54)

Vaccination hysteria (07:47)

Vaccinations, "philanthropy" and population control (39:49)

Vaccines - Much worse that you think (07:46)

Vaccines are safe - except when they're not (9:12)

Vaccines aren't tested (08:49)

Vitamin D (11:18)

What no one teaches you about health (01:00:49)

What you need to know about cardiologists (04:25)

What's wrong with American medicine? (43:34)

Where is all the testosterone going? (02:56)

Why are we ignoring the Chinese doctors? (8:16)

Why Facebook is so toxic (04:43)

Why processed food is do dangerous (12:16)

Why this veteran oncology nurse quit (48:21)

Why US health care is such a disaster (08:47)

Why vaccines are so dangerous (08:18)

WIFI disaster in Canadian public school (18:38)

You run on melatonin (52:04)

Your friendly neighborhood drug pusher (17:13)

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