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GMOs (genetically modified food)


Bayer's hidden Frankenstein workshop in the US Caribbean (15:19)

Bill Maher Talks Monsanto (4:10)

Calling out Monsanto (1:18)

Can autism be cured? (1:08:10)

Farmer to farmer (23:31)

Fighting GMO corporate propaganda (5:48)

Frankenfish (6:31)

Frankenfish one step closer to market (4:51)

Genetically modified crops (3:51)

Genetically Modified Foods (7:50)

GMO foods (9:02)

GMO Ticking Time Bomb (14:43)

GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 2 (15:23)

GMOs and obesity (6:12)

Helping the Third World? (4:52)

How food is making us sick (18:27)

How to get GMOs out of your diet (15:02)

How to get GMOs out of your diet (15:02)

Just say no to GMO (3:27)

March against Monsanto (3:13)

Monsanto's Roundup is Glyphosate (09:25)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: GMO Shill (02:34)

Poisoned at the kitchen table (18:27)

Promo: In Defense of Our Seeds (6:27)

Prop 37, a failure but a good try (1:12)

Save your health/Stop eating GMOs (14:13)

Scientists (3:19)

Sick Pigs from GMO Foods (9:41)

The dangers of GMOs: Genetic Roulette (trailer) (2:27)

The Future of Food (trailer) (2:10)

The roots of the epidemic of modern diseases (01:05:41)

The soy controversy (5:23)

The war against GMO labeling (9:53)

The war against your food and health (1:24:59)

The World According (1:49:03)

The World According (01:48:58)

The World According to Monsanto (trailer) (3:20)

Uncertain Peril - Part 2 (4:26)

Uncertain Peril - Part 3 (4:54)

Uncertain Peril - Part 4 (6:31)

Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds (9:08)

Vote YES to Your Right to Know (1:42)

Who controls the world's food supply? (13:06)

Why GMOs are a disaster in the making (05:24)

Why Monsanto hates Cuba (27:44)

Why weed, why now? (15:06)

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