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Dr. Oz: Clean up your act please

"There's no business like show business"

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Food first and supplements VERY carefully

We like that Dr. Oz promotes a plant-based diet.

Some of the other stuff, not so much.

Here's our position on supplements:

1. People should be free to do what they want
2. Supplements are a last resort in highly specific situations (many users are over-dosing on them)
3. There are a lot of bad players (and bad ingredients) in the supplements industry (people who don't care about anything but making a buck and see selling supplements as an easy way to do that - and nothing else.)

For the vast majority of people, if you simply stop doing things that are damaging (smoking, drinking, drugging, overworking, overexercising, over-stressing, eating garbage etc.) and start doing things that are helpful (eating a clean plant-based diet) and light exercise, it will clear up many, many problems (including Type 2 Diabetes)

When it comes to supplements, freedom yes, but blind gullibility, no.