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Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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Food Fraud


Cereal Crimes (03:41)

Consumers misled by "natural" foods (3:41)

Dr. Oz: Clean up your act please (16:26)

Drink lots of water? (04:54)

Fake foods (7:21)

Fishy business (08:55)

Food adulteration (5:07)

Food fraud (3:52)

Food fraud - something fishy is going on (5:14)

Food Fraud Watchdog (4:56)

Food humor and truth (08:38)

Horse meat and pork in beef burgers (1:33)

Is olive oil as healthy as you think it is? (08:10)

Meat treated with carbon monoxide (2:45)

Olive oil (9:03)

Real Food/Fake Food (53:22)

The breakfast cereal scam (14:34)

The great orange juice scam (5:00)

The latest, best selling nonsensical food fad (05:19)

The roots of the epidemic of modern diseases (01:05:41)

The sugar trick (03:55)

The truth about the fast food industry (03:40)

The Vitamin Water Deception (5:48)

This substance is illegal to use in food in every other country on earth except the US (2:04)

Truth in Menus (6:56)

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