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The Real Food Channel

Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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A cancer treatment that makes no money (3:20)

A woman's choice (7:01)

Amazing broccoli sprouts (1:59)

Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer (2:43)

Arsenic in rice (1:54)

Aspartame (10:56)

Aspartame linked to cancer (0:59)

Breakthrough in cancer prevention (5:00)

Cancer fighting spices (4:19)

Cancer in Cans: Acrylamide Chips (5:31)

Cancer, Interrupted: Green Tea (3:12)

Chemo-Free Colon Cancer Survival Story (4:26)

Childhood diet predicts adult cancer (7:19)

Colorful cancer fighting foods (4:16)

Curing breast cancer with diet (13:34)

Does one size fit all? (6:12)

Eating: Choosing dietary change (8:02)

Garlic - A health superstar (7:09)

Gerson Therapy (3:17)

Good science shot down (11:55)

Healing lung damage (2:43)

How toxic is sugar? (13:40)

If you juice it instead of heating it (15:00)

If you're diagnosed with cancer... (39:10)

Just the flax, ma'am (5:09)

Monsanto, Bovine Growth Formula, and the News Media (9:59)

Poisoned at the kitchen table (18:27)

Processed meat increases cancer risk (1:58)

Processed meats and cancer (1:51)

Recent meta-analysis results (05:07)

Red cabbage - The Amazing Health Pros (2:02)

Reminder - Cell phones are dangerous (03:41)

Resolving the Health Care Crisis (18:38)

Soy and cancer (5:20)

Ten Cancer Fighting Foods (2:45)

The China Study (3:14)

The effect of animal fats (60:00)

Turmeric (6:29)

"We have the answers... but they're being censored" (45:22)

What's the deal (3:12)

Why Do Asian Women Have Less Breast Cancer? (2:51)

Why this veteran oncology nurse quit (48:21)

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