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White Rice

Comments from Dr. John McDougall

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It's not the end of the world

One of the very first "battles" in the healthy eating arena was white rice vs brown rice.

Somehow white rice became branded as the food of the devil and eating brown rice was going to save the world.

Let's get real...

Of course, you can't live on white rice - but no one ever said you should.

Of course, brown rice has more roughage and nutrients, but the reality is it's not always east to get when you're on the run and eating out.

The reality is white rice is a good clean-burning, cruelty-free fuel food that does not promote cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

If the alternative is not feeling full and not having enough fuel and reaching for a muffin filled with refined sugar and oils and god only knows what else, a bowl of white rice is the clear winner.

As Dr. McDougal says pick your battles carefully.