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Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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Dangerous foods


10 common poisons found in everyday products (32:33)

10 foods not to eat (4:51)

A bacon sundae? Really? (1:14)

A food additive that may be ruining your life (9:18)

A hidden poison in your food (01:01:25)

A neurosurgeon looks at fluoride and many other things (41:41)

Alarming report on pork (2:47)

Antibiotics in chicken (2:19)

Arsenic in apple and grape juice (5:08)

Arsenic in rice (1:54)

Arsenic in rice and other grains (12:18)

Aspartame (10:24)

Aspartame (10:56)

Aspartame, a deadly sweetener (26:26)

Aspartame-Induced Fibromyalgia (2:21)

Bill Maher Talks Monsanto (4:10)

BPA and male sexual dysfunction (2:04)

BPA contaminating our food (6:19)

Bug-based food dye - harmful or not? (2:13)

Criminal foods that are OK in the US (04:49)

Dangerous food additive (4:55)

Dirty meat, big profits (04:08)

Drive-ins are more dangerous than drive-by shootings (10:47)

Effect of nutrition on brain function (48:00)

Energy Drinks (5:19)

Essential viewing for your health (01:06:41)

Everything you need to know about junk food (04:58)

Fighting for our kids (14:38)

Fishy business (08:55)

Fluoridated water (5:18)

Food dyes and children's behavior (3:35)

Food industry criminality (06:00)

Food Mold 101 (3:50)

GMO foods (9:02)

GMO Ticking Time Bomb (14:43)

GMO Ticking Time Bomb - Part 2 (15:23)

GMOs and obesity (6:12)

High fructose corn syrup (6:22)

How a nerve poison became "food" (1:29:55)

How corporations lie to us (07:10)

How food is making us sick (18:27)

How the body is tricked into eating junk (40:12)

How to get the deadly oils out of your diet (16:24)

How to make a factory-approved pie (06:00)

How to read food labels (9:24)

Is Red Food Dye #40 driving your child crazy? (3:31)

Is there an ideal diet? (06:29)

It's official: Soybean oil is poison (09:02)

Junk food is killing us - really (16:48)

Just say no to GMO (3:27)

Mercury in Processed Foods (6:24)

Mercury in tuna (2:07)

Monsanto's Roundup is Glyphosate (09:25)

Monsanto, Bovine Growth Formula, and the News Media (9:59)

MS and Parkinson's symptoms from MSG and aspartame (4:48)

MSG (24:04)

MSG - an excitotoxin that kills brain cells (6:18)

MSG - Making people sick year after year (13:28)

No more heart attacks (8:11)

Poisoned at the kitchen table (18:27)

Processed meat increases cancer risk (1:58)

Processed meats and cancer (1:51)

Processed People (3:14)

"Slow Death by Rubber Duck" (13:56)

Soda: as bad for you as smoking (1:15)

Splenda (14:39)

Sweet Remedy (2:17:37)

Sweet Remedy Trailer (3:05)

Table sugar - The whole story (58:04)

Take the "Ain't Got Milk" Challenge (6:25)

The cost of "empty calories" (16:12)

The dangers of dairy (54:56)

The dangers of GMOs: Genetic Roulette (trailer) (2:27)

The effect of glyphosate in rural areas (23:18)

The effects of eating a high meat diet (13:25)

The fluoride scam (07:16)

The latest, best selling nonsensical food fad (05:19)

The oil seed catastrophe (5:54)

The real killer (9:00)

The secret world of MSG (23:10)

The shocking truth about dairy (1:17)

The sugar trick (03:55)

The truth about chicken (4:58)

The truth and lies about MSG deciphered (35:57)

The worst diet ever (2:52)

This substance is illegal to use in food in every other country on earth except the US (2:04)

Too much sugar? (08:21)

Toxic tuna (2:13)

Toxins in everyday products (13:09)

Twinkie vs. carrots (1:52)

Ubiquitous poison (03:59)

What about fish? (3:38)

What is the biggest cause of inflammation in the body? (04:43)

Whitewash: the truth about milk (4:31)

Why Glyphostate is so toxic (36:45)

Why processed food is do dangerous (12:16)

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