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The shocking truth about dairy

The Lies of the Animal Industry

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What is dairy doing to your body?

Many people are going to find this video shocking and unsettling.

After all, what could be more healthy than milk?

Well, if you're talking about mother's milk for an infant, you're right. It's the right from the right source at the right time.

If you're talking about HUMAN BEINGS consuming the milk of other animals, it becomes a lot less clear. Further, if you're talking about consuming highly industrialized cow milk - complete with pesticides and other toxins and a wide array of biological contaminants - now milk consumption starts to look at lot less benign.

Three things to know about this video:

1. The speaker is John McDougall MD. You can view his other videos and read more about him elsewhere on the Internet.

2. You can track all the research he refers to here for yourself. No one is asking you to accept anything on faith.

3. McDougall operates a clinic in California where he routinely reverses and cures serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease simply by removing dangerous foods from people's diets and replacing them with healthy, nutritious foods.

McDougall's conclusion based on his research and medical practice: The most important thing to stop consuming if you want to improve your health and treat and prevent a wide array of diseases: stop consuming dairy in all its forms: milk, cheese, ice cream

You don't have to believe it, but you should at least take the time to consider the evidence because it could have a catastrophic effect on you health and the health of your loved ones.

Why have you not been told these facts?

The milk and cheese industry is huge in America and other "developed" countries and it aggressively spends millions of dollars to "spin" the reality.