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Deeply flawed "science"

Somes states like Texas have ordered that all girls be injected with a so called HVP vaccine.

The theory is that this will "immunize" girls against a harmless virus and will supposedly prevent cervical cancer.

First, cervical cancer is rare.

Second, the connection between the harmless papillomavirus and cervical cancer is tenuous at best.

Third, HVP can only be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact.

So why is this dangerous vaccination being pushed so hard on middle school girls?

Because it's a huge money maker.

One of the "unintended" consequences of Obamacare, is that now it's possible that this injection (actually a series of three injections) will now be funded for all school girls as a "right." The schemers want to extend the injections to include school-aged boys as well.

Inform yourself and just say "no."

Here's information about another woman's health issue. Unfortunately, the video maker chose some rather bizarre video, but the information is accurate and life and death important: The hazards of mammography