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I daresay if this were to catch on nationwide, it would do more good than twenty health care reform laws.

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Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.


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Children and nutrition


Appetite for Profit (57:34)

Aspartame (10:24)

Behavior and Nutrition (2:49)

Bug-based food dye - harmful or not? (2:13)

Cafeteria Man (trailer) (2:13)

Childhood diet predicts adult cancer (7:19)

Children can't identify fresh vegetables (1:45)

Diet and mental health (8:00)

Diet and mental health - part II (6:42)

Effect of nutrition on brain function (48:00)

Energy Drinks (5:19)

Failed chicken nugget experiment (4:29)

Food dyes and children's behavior (3:35)

Future organic farmer tells it like it is (5:22)

Healthy vending machines? (2:23)

How a nerve poison became "food" (1:29:55)

How the food industry is deceiving you - Part 4 (8:35)

How the food industry is deceiving you - Part 5 (8:09)

"I can be a normal kid..." (0:24)

Is Red Food Dye #40 driving your child crazy? (3:31)

Kids cheering for vegetables (4:50)

Know the enemy (5:17)

Local farming (4:22)

Mercury in tuna (2:07)

Pesticides tied to ADHD in children (2:03)

Reminder: Gardasil is not to be trusted (3:54)

School Lunch (2:48)

School lunches (2:11)

Sweet potatoes in the developing world (4:21)

The "incredible edible egg" PR game (8:06)

The global food system (3:31)

The Weight of the Nation: School Lunches (1:17)

Toxic tuna (2:13)

What happens when schools care (9:00)

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